-Mercedes high cliffs 
-scania medan 
-iveco dolok still 
-renault kang tanjung 
Thank you for all the ets2 members who made me excited, this map will be updated until Sumatra island 
greetings ........ 

Credits: Dicky Genk 

Description: Ket: 
-Status map Free 100% 
-Map there are only 4 cities 
-Start began to be in town Tengerang Because if in another city crash
I will try this map in
version 1.30 - 
Full DLC 

New profile select playing module: java. 
If I try crash the order in the samain mod manager like in the picture 


Credits: jbw kurniawan 

Freeport Map V.1.0 by OJE_PeJe Team (1.30)


Map Freeport v.1.0 by Ojepeje Team ETS2 MOD

-Tes on ETS2 v.1.26 – v.1.30

-Pasword inside the file

  • Test on ETS2 v.1.26 - v.1.30

  • The password is in the file.

  • Do not dismantle files without permission

Map M.I.I v0.3.1 untuk ETS2 V1.30

Map M.I.I v0.3.1 mod

Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.30

Diadaptasi ke versi 1.30.x
Map Indonesia untuk ETS 2

Note: Saya minta maaf jika ada kesalahan dalam pembuatan map ini karena masih jauh dari kata sempurna.
Enjoy the game!

PJ Indo Map v2.6 - ETS2 v1.34

- Compatible (usable) in ETS2 versions 1.32, 1.33 and 1.34 (onwards) 
- Asset Repair and Bug 

- Does not require all DLC maps. 
- This folder can be combined with each add-on folder. 
- Other info can be seen in the readme. 

Download 1: 1.34  - blog & Download 2:  - SM


– ETS2
– Scandinavia DLC

Badroe Zaman

Download : 001,002,003